Indian diet plans


Hi, I am an engineer and busy in morning 8 to 11 at night due to which I am unable to manage my daily diet. My height is 5'8 and weight is 72 Kgs. Please recommend what should I eat and in what quantity

  • Nutritionist

    Thanks for using curill. According to your height and weight, your BMI is 25.81 kg/m2, which makes you fall in pre obese category, according to Asian cut offs. You need to control at this point, because this will lead you to become morbidly obese later, which is highly dangerous for health. Weight loss is highly individualistic and depends on a person’s metabolism. We understand that being an engineer, your life must be busy. But understand one thing, why you are studying or doing job? To live a good and luxurious life and keeping your health on stake? No. This should not be practiced. Take out 30 minutes from your daily schedule to do simple exercises. You can start with basic exercises like brisk walk, moving to jogging, and then to running for atleast 30 minutes a day. This will build your stamina and will give you strength. This will also save your cost of gymming and will give you equal and sustainable results. If you are working, you can do simple moves in your office like walk when you talk on phone, take strairs instead of lift, etc. Also, please note that this is only for your weight loss period. After your weight loss, you will be increasing few foods in your diet with proper consultation. Please be patient to lose weight. Here is a food plan and sample diet plan made for you:


    Milk (double toned/ Skimmed milk)

    2 glasses

    1 glass milk = 300 ml each


    100 gm


    Egg white

    2 medium

    No egg yolk

    Paneer (fat free)/chicken/fish

    60 gm

    3 pieces


    2 katori (50 gm) + 1 katori sprouts

    (any kind of dal but prefer whole pulses)


    500-600  gm

    2 katori sabzi cooked + 2 big katori salad


    1 medium

    Avoid banana, mango, litchi, cheeku, watermelon.


    100 gm (equal to 5 small phulka)

    1 small chapatti= 20 gm wheat flour

    1 bread = 25-30 gm

    1 katori oats/wheat flakes = 20 gm

    1 katori rice

    2-3 small idli


    3 tsp (15 gm)

    1 tsp = 5 gm

    (no butter, ghee, mayonnaise, cheese spreads, etc.)


    4-5 almonds, walnuts

    1-2 tsp flax seeds





    Early morning (6:00 – 6:30 am) – brisk walk/jogging for 30 minutes

    1 cup green tea/lemon tea/warm lemon water (w/o sugar) + 4-5 almonds/walnuts/flax seeds (alternate days)

    Breakfast (8-9 am)

    1 glass milk w/o sugar (1 full glass –300 ml) + 2 brown bread/multi-grain bread sandwich /1 big bowl muesli/oats/dalia + egg whites (2)

    Mid morning (11:00 am)

    1 fruit + 1 katori sprouts/roasted chana/kala chana

    Lunch (1-2 pm)

    2 small phulka (w/o ghee)+ 1 medium katori sabzi (less)+ 1 katori daal (w/o tadka and oil) + 1 katori curd + salad (more)

    Teatime (4-5 pm)

    1 cup weak tea or coffee + 1 katori roasted chana/sprouts/kala chana/dhokla

    Evening Brisk walk (20 minutes)


    Post walk

    1 glass warm lemon + 5-6 curry leaves + 2-3 oats biscuit/1 katori oats

    Dinner (8-8:30 pm)

    1 small chapatti (w/o ghee)+ 1 katori sabzi (less) + salad (more) + roasted paneer/chicken/fish

    Bedtime (10-10:30 pm)

    1 glass plain milk (w/o sugar) + flax seeds (1-2 tsp)


    Drink at least 10-12 glasses of water in a day. This will keep your stomach full and you will feel less hungry. You may feel that we have told you a lot to eat. But it’s never about eating less, but eating right, in right time and in right proportion. Take out time from your schedule and do some exercise. Best of luck!