Indian diet plans


Hi, i want to grow a lean, muscular body and improve my general fitness levels. I have joined a gym but due to my nature of job, i am quite irregular at it. I have a lean body structure but i have noticed fat collecting on my belly. My weight is 67kg and i am 5'9". I am a non-vegetarian and prefer eggs, chicken and seafood.

  • Nutritionist

    Thanks for using curill. According to your height and weight, your BMI is 21.9 which is perfectly normal, as per Asian cut offs. You are suggested to gain muscle mass only and no furthur weight. Also, muscle building requires proper exercise routine followed by a balanced protein and carb rich diet. If you are irregular at gym, then you can do simple exercises like push-ups, elbow planks, leg raises, crunches, etc. to reduce the belly fat. Sedentary jobs lead to build up of fat around belly which can be controlled by doing 5-10 minutes walk after having the meal. But for muscle building, you really need to talk to some gym instructor to guide you about the suitable exercises. Here is a food plan and sample diet plan made for you: 


    2 glasses

    1 glass milk = 500 ml each


    100 gm

    1 katori

    Egg whites

    4 medium

    No egg yolk


    45 gm

    2-3 medium pieces


    2 katori (25 gm) +

    1 full katori soyabean (in evening)

    (any kind of dal but prefer whole pulses)


    400-500 gm

    2 katori sabzi cooked + 2 katori salad


    2  medium

    Any fruit of choice


    200 gm (equal to 10 small chapatti/phulka)

    1 small chapatti= 20 gm wheat flour

    Equivalents of 1 chapatti -

    1 bread = 25-30 gm

    1 katori oats/wheat flakes = 20 gm

    3-4 biscuits

    2-3 small idli

    1 small dosa

    1 katori rice


    5 tsp (25 gm)

    1 tsp = 5 gm


    4 tsp (20 gm)

    1 tsp = 5 gm


                                                                      DIET PLAN

    Breakfast (8-9 am)

    1 glass milk + 2-3 brown bread/multi-grain bread sandwich /1 big bowl muesli/oats/dalia + 2 egg whites

    Mid morning (11:00 am)

    1 fruit + 1 katori sprouts/roasted chana/kala chana

    Lunch (1-2 pm)

    3-4 small phulka/1 big plate rice + 1 medium katori sabzi + 1 katori daal + 1 katori curd + salad

    Teatime (4-5 pm)

    1 fruit + 1 katori roasted chana/sprouts/ kala chana

    Evening exercise


    Post exercise

    1 katori soyabean + oats salad

    Dinner (8-8:30 pm)

    1 small chapatti (w/o ghee)+ 1 katori sabzi + salad + roasted Paneer/chicken/fish

    Bedtime (10-10:30 pm)

    1 glass plain milk + flax seeds (1-2 tsp)

    You can also make your own combinations within the particular meal. You can use peanut butter instead of plain butter to increase protein intake. Sprinkle grated cheese on your vegetable preparations. You can add flax seed powder in your chapatti flour. Mix 1 portion of soyabean flour in your wheat flour to make the chapatti more protein dense. Do tell us if you feel any difficulty in following this. Best of luck!