Indian diet plans


I do yoga in the morning and exercise in the evening. Just want to know that what should I eat to get abs. I am a vegetarian and my height is 162 cm and weight is 54 kgs.

  • Nutritionist

    Thanks for using Curill. According to your height and weight, your BMI is perfectly normal. Abs are made with a proper combination of stomach and back exercises along with a healthy diet. For the exercise part, you really need to talk to your gym instructor. Few exercises which can be done at home are crunches, cross crunches, cycling crunches, leg raises, elbow planks, heel touches, etc. You can google the names of these exercises or discuss them with your instructor (if have) to understand how they are done. For the dietary part, following is the food plan and made for you.

    Milk (Double toned)

    2 glasses

    1 glass milk = 500 ml each


    100 gm

    1 katori


    45 gm

    2 medium pieces


    1-2 katori (25 gm) +

    1 full katori soyabean/sprouts (before or after exercise)

    (any kind of dal but prefer whole pulses)


    400-500 gm

    2 katori sabzi cooked + 2 katori salad


    1  medium

    Any fruit of choice


    150 gm (equal to 7 small chapatti/phulka)

    1 small chapatti= 20 gm wheat flour

    1 bread = 25-30 gm

    1 katori oats/wheat flakes = 20 gm

    3-4 biscuits

    2-3 small idli

    1 small dosa

    1 katori rice


    5 tsp (30 gm)

    1 tsp = 5 gm


    4 tsp (20 gm)

    1 tsp = 5 gm


    4-5 almonds, walnuts (alternate days)



    You can make your own permutations and combinations with this. Avoid fatty food items and junk food as they will not help you in making abs. consume more of whole grains instead of refined cereals. Have adequate fruits and vegetables in your diet.  Prefer whole fruits instead of juices. Best of luck!