Indian diet plans


I am a student of engineering and i am preparing for government job so I have not so enough time for gym etc. and am not doing much physical work. Please prepare a diet plan for me. My height is 170 cm and my weight is 85 kgs. I am a vegetarian.

  • Nutritionist

    According to your height and weight, your BMI is 29.4 kg/m2, which makes you fall in obese category, according to Asian WHO cut offs. Your ideal body weight should be around 67-70 kg. This means, you have to lose near about 15-18 kg weight to reach this level. Weight loss procedure is highly individualistic and depends on a person’s metabolism. If your metabolism is high, then you can target 1-1.5 kg of weight loss every week, which is ideal and healthy. Also, for that, indulgence in some high intensity activity like push-ups, planks, cardio, etc. to increase the BMR is required. Since you are short of time, you can do basic exercises like brisk walk, moving to jogging, and then to running for atleast 30 minutes a day. You have to take out 30 minutes for your health, which is equally important as your job is. This will also save your cost of gymming and will give you equal and sustainable results. Here is a food plan and sample diet plan made for you: 

    Milk (double toned/ Skimmed milk)

    600 gm

    2 glass milk = 300 ml each

    Curd (fat free)

    200 gm


    Paneer (fat free)

    50 gm



    2 katori (50 gm) + 1 katori roasted chana

    (any kind of dal but prefer whole pulses)


    400-500 gm

    2 katori sabzi cooked + 2 katori salad


    1 medium

    Avoid banana, mango, litchi, cheeku, watermelon.


    100 gm

    1 small chapatti= 20 gm wheat flour

    1 bread = 25-30 gm

    1 katori oats/wheat flakes = 20 gm


    3 tsp (15 gm)

    1 tsp = 5 gm

    (no butter, ghee, mayonnaise, cheese spreads, etc.)


    1 tsp

    1 tsp = 5 gm


    5-6  almonds, walnuts



        DIET PLAN

    Early morning (6:00 – 6:30 am) – brisk walk/jogging for 30 minutes

    1 cup green tea/lemon tea/warm lemon water (w/o sugar) + 5 almonds/walnuts

    Breakfast (8-9 am)

    1 glass milk w/o sugar (1 full glass –300 ml) + 2-3  brown bread/multi-grain bread sandwich /1 big bowl muesli/oats/dalia + paneer (50 gm)

    Mid morning (11:00 am)

    1 fruit + 1/2 katori roasted chana

    Lunch (1-2 pm)

    2 small chapatti (w/o ghee)+ 1 katori sabzi (less)+ 1 katori daal (w/o tadka and oil) + 1 katori curd + salad (more)

    Tea-time (4-5 pm)

    1 cup weak tea/coffee (w sugar) + ½ katori roasted chana

    Evening time (6:30-7 pm)

    Brisk walk (20 minutes)

    7:30 am

    5-6 curry leaves/ warm lemon water (alternate days)

    Dinner (8-8:30 pm)

    1 small chapatti (w/o ghee)+ 1 katori sabzi (less) + salad (more) + 1 katori dal

    Bedtime (10-10:30 pm)

    1 glass plain milk (w/o sugar)

    You can also make your own combination within the particular meal. Also, you have to restrict your intake of refined products like white bread, biscuits, cookies, mathris, cakes, pastries, etc. (Once in 2 weeks is fine). Restrict your intake of fried foods, fast food items and processed foods like burgers, French fries, pizza, parathas, samosas, etc. Eat more of salad and less of cooked vegetables. Restrict your intake of potatoes, sweet potato as they have high carbohydrate content. Use vegetable oils in place of ghee, butter, mayonnaise, etc. Avoid rich gravies in food items as they are loaded with oil or ghee. Quit alcohol and smoking (if taken). Also, have atleast 3 salt free days in a week. If you feel hungry, you can have a plate of salad topped with lemon. Most importantly, drink at least 10 glasses of water in a day. This will keep your stomach full and you will feel less hungry. You may feel that we have told you a lot to eat. But it’s never about eating less, but eating right, in right time and in right proportion. Weight loss is always better when a healthy diet is accompanied with an exercise routine. So, don’t forget to exercise. And keep a follow up to track your performance.