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I am 20 year old male, weight-58 Kgs. I am unable to do workout. My life is too busy - please provide a diet plan to get a perfect body. My diet plan should include eggs as my main focus is on proteins because in my whole day I have noticed that my protein intake is very low. My height is 5 ft 6 in. Daily Routine: I go to college at around 7.00 Am, take lunch at 2 pm before coming back to my home. I take tea at 7 pm and then dinner at 9 pm. As you can see, my schedule is such that I have no time to take a perfect breakfast and consequently, my diet has low protein quantity.

  • Nutritionist

    We understand that everyone's life is busy. Being a student, its very important for you to have a breakfast so that you can concentrate on your studies well. Its just not about studies, but better concentration in everything you do in your whole day. You will feel more energetic and full of zest. Take out 10 minutes time before you leave for college to have your breakfast. You can also carry handy food items like fruits, sprouts, curd, chaach, etc. to your college if you can't carry tiffin. Things are never difficult as they seem to be. Otherwise, there is no problem in carrying a full fledged tiffin in college. Here is a food plan and sample diet plan made for you. you can make your own combinations within the same meal also. 

    Food plan

    Milk (Toned)

    500 gm

    2 glass milk = 250 ml each


    100 gm

    1 katori


    40-50 gm



    1 medium



    2 katori (50 gm)

     Any kind of dal


    400-500 gm

    2 katori sabzi cooked + 2 katori salad


    2 medium

    Avoid banana, mango, litchi, cheeku, watermelon.


    225 gm

    1 small chapatti= 20 gm wheat flour

    1 bread = 25-30 gm

    1 katori oats/wheat flakes = 20 gm

    2-3 small idli

    1 small dosa

    1 katori rice/dalia/poha/upma

    3-4 biscuits


    8 tsp (50 gm)

    1 tsp = 5 gm


    5 tsp

    1 tsp = 5 gm


    4-5 almonds, walnuts


    Sample Diet plan


    1 glass milk w sugar (1 full glass – 250 ml) + 3-4 brown bread or multi-grain bread sandwich /1 big bowl muesli/oats/idli/paratha/upma/poha + 1 egg (fried/baked/boiled/omelette)

    Mid morning/packed tiffin (11:00 am)

    1 fruit + 2 paratha/roll/chapatti with paneer sabzi/chicken


    3-4 chapatti/ 1-2 plate rice + 1 katori sabzi + 1 katori daal + 1 katori curd + salad  

    Tea-time (4-5 pm)

    Fruit shake/smoothie (half glass) + some snack like Samosa/noodles/pakodas/paratha/cutlets

    Dinner (8-8:30 pm)

    Same as lunch (no curd)

    Bedtime (10-10:30 pm)

    1 glass milk/custard/kheer + nuts


    You can always write us back in case you have any doubt in this plan.