Indian diet plans


I am 30 years old professional with a busy schedule and am not able to take time out for exercise / walk on regular basis. I am currently at 85 kg and 5 ft. 8 in. In the past, I have tried various weight loss diets but the weight keeps coming back. How do I lose weight in a permanent manner? 

  • Nutritionist

    Weight loss is permanent only when you follow a healthy eating pattern accompanied with various lifestyle changes like exercise, yoga, correct amount of sleep, less stress, cut down on smoking and alcohol, etc. A lot of people will suggest you ‘n’ number of diets which will give instant results. As soon as you will leave that diet, the weight will come back. By following a healthy eating pattern, you will get results that will not be instant but yet permanent. Also, there is no generalized weight loss diet for all individuals. This is something which is according to one’s body type and BMI. Your BMI is 28.9 kg/m2 which falls in the category of pre-obese. Your ideal body weight should be around 72 kg. Here is a sample diet plan made for you:

    Early morning (6:00 am)

    Jogging – 20 to 30 minutes (if possible)

    Green tea/lemon tea + 5-6 almonds/walnuts (before walk)

    Breakfast (7.30 am to 9:00 am)


    Double toned/skimmed milk w/o sugar (1 full glass – 250 ml) + 2 brown bread sandwich/ 1 big bowl oats/dalia/ 1 roti with vegetable/ 2-3 idlis + 2 egg whites/30 gm paneer

    Mid-morning (11:00 am)


    1 katori curd/ 1 glass chaach/ 1 katori roasted chana + 1 fruit (apple/guava/orange/cucumber/kiwi/pineapple/melons)

    Lunch (1-2 pm)


    2 small chapatti (w/o ghee) + 1 katori sabzi+ 1 katori daal/chicken/paneer + 1 katori curd + salad

    Tea-time (4-5 pm)


    1 cup tea/coffee (w/o sugar) + roasted chana/brown bread sandwich /veg poha/veg upma


    Brisk walk (20-30 minutes)


    Dinner (8-9pm)


    2 small chapatti (w/o ghee) + 1 katori sabzi+ 1 katori daal/chicken/paneer + salad

    Bedtime (10-11 pm)


    Double toned/skimmed milk w/o sugar (1 full glass – 250 ml)

    Cut down on all the cups of tea (if taken) you consume at your workplace. Avoid cookies, biscuits, mathris, heavy gravies, fried items, fast food, excess sugar, etc. Use less cooking oil in your vegetable preparations. If you take alcohol, you have to restrict to 1-2 pegs weekly. But you really need to include some kind of activity in your schedule for better results. Otherwise this diet will take a much long time to give you the weight you desire for. In your free time in office or workplace, just take a simple walk, use stairs instead of lift or elevators, etc.