Your 24x7 Health Advisor

Personalized actionable insights: Convenient, Accurate & Trustworthy

Powered by AI technology that mimics a doctor i.e. asks intelligent questions, understands your test reports and suggests further investigations to help you take care of yourselves when you can, visit a doctor only when you need to and take control of your health Anytime, Anywhere - instantly

How does qDoc work?

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  1. Enter your Symptoms
    Our Interactive system asks you relevant questions to understand your health status

  2. Upload Test Report
    In case you have a diagnostic test report, you may upload it

  3. Get qDoc's Assessment
    Our assessment report includes probable diseases, recommended next steps & the urgency level

  4. Find help easily
    Connect with our specialist doctors and partner healthcare service providers easily through our app/ website

Our Advantages

Accurate Real Time Insights

Developed by qualified doctors our AI Technology provides you personalized actionable insights - instantly

Commitment to Quality

We have hand picked doctors on our panel and we partner only with NABL/ ISO certified labs

Easy to Understand

No obscure medical terminology. We use medically accurate but easy to understand language

Enable Faster Response Time

We communicate criticality levels and recommend detailed next steps enabling faster response time and thus better health outcomes

Curill for Doctors: Join the future of healthcare

Designed and developed by doctors, our AI powered technology empowers you to work remotely and much more efficiently